Getting The Facts About ReShape

In a news release dated August 10, 2017, the Food and Drug Administration reminded gastric balloon doctors in Brooklyn, NY of what they already knew: ReShape is not a risk-free procedure.

While two of the seven reports detailed a ReShape-related fatality, the other four reports involved the controversial Orbera system. Speculation is that the Orbera’s free-floating gastric balloon may cause more stomach irritation than ReShape’s form fitting, dumbbell-shaped balloon, hence the higher complication rate. Furthermore, as Obrera is more of a cosmetic procedure — patients need not have an obesity-related illness to qualify for Orbera — doctors may be less diligent when screening patients for potential complications.

There is absolutely no indication that ReShape balloon weight loss is inherently unsafe. Furthermore, doctors performed over 275,000 gastric balloon procedures between January 2006 and March 2017, the time period covered in the news release. Five incidents means a serious complication rate of less than 0.01 percent, a proportion that is far lower than the high complication rates commonly associated with gastric bypass surgery.

ReShape Jumpstart

An intragastric balloon procedure in Brooklyn, NY is usually the best way for patients to lose twenty or thirty pounds when diet and exercise alone have failed.

After the doctor places a tiny balloon in the patient’s stomach, the balloon is inflated with a small amount of dual purpose liquid. The filling gives the balloon just the right amount of mass to curb appetite without harmful side-effects. Moreover, the safe and nontoxic dye inside the liquid alerts patients in the unlikely event that the balloon ruptures, so the doctor can take prompt corrective action.

In most cases, the balloon stays in the patient’s stomach for six months, allowing ample time for appetite levels to permanently adjust.

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

The lifestyle coaching element of ReShape, which may be the more important component of the procedure, lasts a full twelve months.

Your certified lifestyle coach is not a body shamer or a person who recites motivational slogan. Rather, this coach serves as a resource to help you make intelligent choices about diet and exercise that are tailored to fit your busy life. That being said, the coach is also available to provide motivation as needed.

ReShape contains other elements as well, such as a specially-designed scale that helps you keep track of your progress.

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