Making ReShape Even Safer

The Food and Drug Administration, which has already approved dual gastric balloon procedures in Brooklyn, NY, recently made some suggestions that should make the process even safer and more effective.

In a letter, the agency advised doctors to carefully inflate the balloons with air and warning fluid, or else they may have to come out before the six-month window closes. Moreover, the agency reported a preliminary, yet unproven, link between ReShape and some severe pancreas conditions, largely based on the patient’s health history.

The FDA said that if doctors closely monitor their ReShape patients, these issues should disappear.

Screening Patients

Unlike some other nonsurgical weight loss programs in Brooklyn, NY, ReShape is available only to patients who have at least one obesity-related health condition, such as diabetes. Therefore, by definition, our ReShape patients are in bad health, and they undergo this procedure not simply to look better, but to be healthier as well.

Therefore, it is more important for Dr. Grosman or Dr. Brun to thoroughly review your health history, paying special attention to:

  • Alcohol abuse,
  • Family history of pancreas issues,
  • Triglyceride levels,
  • Other medications you are taking, especially estrogen, and
  • Smoking.

Like many other medical procedures, obtaining as much information as possible at the front end usually leads to better results at the back end.

The ReShape Procedure

Filling the balloons with air and warning dye is probably the most intricate step in the process, and one that requires a great deal of skill. Gastric balloon procedures in general are very new procedures, so many doctors may not have performed more than a handful.

If the balloons are underinflated, the procedure will not be as effective because the patient will not feel as full; if the balloons are overinflated, they will take up too much room and may have to come out prematurely. Bear in mind that these are tiny, surgical balloons, not the party balloons available at discount stores, so this task requires a specialized touch.

At Triborough GI, our experienced doctors have that “just right” touch that minimizes complications and maximizes results. Contact us today to set up your initial consultation.