ReShape Spreads To Ohio

Because the ReShape gastric balloon procedure available in Brooklyn, NY is such a good alternative to both Obrera and gastric bypass surgery, its popularity is spreading.

Dr. Jonathan Hlivko at the Alliance Community Medical Foundation is one of the first Buckeye State physicians to offer the innovative procedures, because he has “seen many patients struggle with obesity during my career.” ReShape gives weight loss alternatives to those “in-between” patients who had limited options before, he explained. Rather than altering the stomach’s anatomy, the dual balloon helps patients feel fuller and eat less.

Obesity is one of the leading health challenges in the U.S. according to the Centers for Disease Control, and in clinical trials, some ReShape patients lost over 70 pounds in twelve months.

ReShape v. Obrera

Design is one of the biggest differences between these two gastric balloon treatments. ReShape’s dual, dumbbell-shaped balloon fits snugly against the stomach wall, so it is basically a natural extension of the existing tissue. Obrera, on the other hand, uses a single, free-floating balloon, and in many cases, that results in significantly more digestive discomfort, as the balloon essentially bounces around the stomach.

ReShape is also safer than Obrera, because to qualify for ReShape, patients must have at least one obesity-related condition, such as sleep apnea or diabetes. Therefore, physicians like double Board Certified Dr. Michael Fiorillo screen patients even more closely.

On a related note, because there is a medical necessity for ReShape, some health insurance companies are more prone to pay for at least some of the procedure.

ReShape v. Gastric Bypass Surgery

Regardless of the type of surgery, such a procedure is always highly invasive and always very risky, especially when compared to available non-surgical weight loss programs.

Moreover, gastric bypass surgery is not only permanent, but also almost impossible to undo. ReShape, in contrast, is temporary. The balloon only stays in the stomach for six months, and in the unlikely event of a complication, the balloon is relatively easy to remove.

The weight loss coaching that comes with ReShape is another big difference. Rather than just reducing your appetite and hoping for the best, which is basically the theory underlying gastric bypass surgery, D. Fiorillo connects you with a professional lifestyle coach who offers tips and motivation for an entire year. In other words, ReShape gives you the tools to succeed, instead of just setting you up for success. That’s the main reason why gastric balloon results in Brooklyn, NY are often very, very impressive.

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