Which Is Better: ReShape or Obera?

Weight loss surgery is an excellent option for many people who are at least 100 pounds overweight. From a purely statistical standpoint, although there are plenty of anecdotal success stories, very few people can lose that much weight through lifestyle changes alone.

But what about people who face an uphill battle to lose forty or fifty pounds, or people who are either not good candidates for surgery or want to avoid it at all costs?

Three years ago, people in search of a nonsurgical option that would trigger moderate weight loss quite literally had no options whatsoever. However, the Food and Drug Administration recently approved two gastric balloon procedures, and although they share many similarities, there are some striking differences as well.

What to Know About Obera

Obera is a restrictive procedure, which means that it helps patients feel as full as they would otherwise without eating as much. After the doctor inserts a saline-filled, free-floating balloon into the stomach, its stays there for six months, during which time the patient receives some ongoing support. After the device comes out, the lifestyle coach remains accessible for a few more months.

Patients only need a BMI between 30 and 40 to qualify for Obera, in most cases.

The ReShape Difference

ReShape is a form-fitting twin balloon that fits snugly into the stomach, thus reducing some of the initial nausea, vomiting, and abdominal discomfort that almost all gastric balloon patients encounter. Furthermore, the twin-balloon design is less likely to rupture and enter the small intestine. This side-effect may be one of the most common and serious ones associate with this procedure, as it occurs in about 1 percent of patients.

Furthermore, to qualify for ReShape, the manufacturer requires patients to have at least one comorbid condition, such as sleep apnea. This additional qualifications sometimes means that insurance companies are more willing to pay for ReShape, because if the patient already has one obesity-related illness, the company reasons that the condition will probably worsen and treatment will be more expensive than prevention.

Finally, although there is nothing wrong with Obera coaches, ReShape coaches integrate devices, such as wireless scales, into their programs. This added effort sometimes leads to better results, because fundamentally, gastric balloon procedures are about changing lives and not changing bodies.

Reach out to us today, and we’ll tell you more about what ReShape can do for you and your family.