My New ReShape Life

People just like you are flocking to Triburough GI in Brooklyn, NY for a new non-surgical weight loss option that goes beyond just shedding pounds. If you’ve given up hope for weight loss and a healthier lifestyle, just keep reading.

The first day I felt like I had swallowed a balloon. But that feeling quickly passed, and I still remember that I only ate half my ham and eggs for breakfast the next day yet felt completely full. Later on, whenever I was discouraged about my weight loss total for the week or month, my coach was right there to give me the boost I needed.

Kevin W., Brooklyn

“I actually lost more weight after the balloon came out than I did in the first six months, thanks to the lifestyle coaching. I guess that’s because I learned how to look at food differently, and now I see restaurants as more like gas stations than social clubs. The coaching wasn’t always positive, but after the criticism, there was always a ‘you can do this’ empowering word.

Emily R., Queens

“I’m SO glad I chose Dr. Grosman and ReShape over Obrera. All the new patient paperwork and financing was so easy. The staff went out of their way to give me a good experience, and Dr. Grosman always explained everything so well, even when I was a little too groggy from the medicine to listen. If I ever had any questions or needed a prescription refill, someone was right there. If I had to lose another thirty pounds I’d go back, but luckily, I’m not in the weight loss market anymore!”

Rebecca S., Jersey City

“I rode the weight loss roller coaster for years and hated every minute of it. I’d get super excited over a few pounds less and hopelessly depressed over the slightest gain. ReShape’s lifestyle coaching changed my attitude, so the highs weren’t quite as high and the lows weren’t quite as low. That allowed me to make slow, steady progress towards my goal. And the gastric balloon was just the right tool.”

Mark F., Bronx

“At first, I thought Dr. Grosman had just given me a pill or something, then he said the procedure was over and I could relax. I’ve talked to some other people who had an Obrera and they said it was hard to get used to, but I had no problems with ReShape. And the pleasant surprises just kept coming. I think I lost more weight the first month than I had in the previous year, and even though my program is over, I still occasionally interact with my lifestyle coach.”

Mary B., Brooklyn

“Your own story begins with your first appointment, so what’s holding you back?”

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